Srebrena beach is located in the cove of the same name, in the vicinity of the small tourist village Rukavac. It is one of the most beautiful and widely popular beaches on the island of Vis, named after the silver (srebrena) lustre of its pebbles, beautifully glowing by the moonlight

The bay faces the open sea, so the waves that strongly, and constantly roll the rocks during the autumn and winter months, have created a unique cove. The beach is covered with atypically large white pebbles of limestone the sea has thrown on the shore of the carbonate rocks. This specifically white colour is rarely seen in the Adriatic. Large carbonate rocks are flat slabs that look as if they were intentionally built by someone, they lower slightly into the finest pebble, so they are perfect for sunbathing. These slabs preserve large deposits of extinct molluscs, the rudists, where they grew 90 million years ago.

The beach is large and spacious, and above it there is a deep shade in the pines. It is closed by the rocks from both sides, so it is naturaly sheltered from the winds. The sea is clean, calm, and comfortably warm, which is why Srebrena is the most common choice for families with children.

There are no amenities at Srebrena Beach, but the most basic can be found, such as changing rooms and public toilets. There are safety markings in the sea that separate swimmers from ships. To the right of the bay there is the indrawn and intimate beach of Mala Srebrena.

In the Srebrena bay are visible historical traces of stone blocks that were used to build the ancient Greek colony on the island of Vis, the ancient Issa, 2.400 years ago. In the early 4th century BC, Greek colonists opened a quarry and shipped the stone to the 7 miles distant Issa.

Since ancient times, sea level has risen 2 meters, so the oldest part of the stone pit is now under the sea. This quarry belongs to one of the oldest in Croatia.

The stone from Srebrena bay was also used as a building material for houses in the surrounding villages until the 20th century, so (nowadays) the most visible traces in a quarry are of recent stone exploitation.

This beach, because of the turquoise color of the sea, is definitely not something you will forget so quickly – it is, by no means, worth starting your car.

Location: To get toSrebrena is by passing through the village of Rukavac, it is possible to leave the car in a dirt parking lot some 250 m away from the beach. Srebrena beach is 10 km away from Vis, and 18 km from Komiža.
Beach type: pebble, suitable for young children.